Sunflowerocean is a series about emotions. 

Emotions towards other humans and myself. 

Emotions about growing, learning, regretting, observing.

Emotions regarding friendship and love, happinesses and sadness. 

Emotions that are reflected in words and stories; stories that happened, stories that are untold or imaginary. 

Behind these paintings are a lot of fragile feelings, late night thoughts and conversations and atmospheres of situations that are unique. 

In some way the paintings might be riddles - symbols, colors and composition, comprise a for the observer hidden, only conceivable, meaning.

But this is not important for the observer. A painting as a whole is meant to touch vulnerable and suppressed feelings and memories, in hope of accepting or letting them go. 

The series is a diary, with the simple difference that everyone can read their own story. 

© milana alaro 

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